The aim was to fuse together Indian & Western Cultures to create a soft, romantic and ethereal feel. Indian weddings are known for their vibrant colors and love of gold so we toned down the colors to soft peaches, pinks, soft golds and used an all-white backdrop.

Many Indian brides are opting to wear both a white wedding gown and also an Indian outfit on their big day be it that they grew up in North America and dreamed of having a “white” wedding or because they are in an inter-racial relationship so we wanted to take this into consideration.

Mehndi designs & water color flowers were incorporated throughout the style shoot: stationary, dance floor wrap, wedding cake, table #’s and Bride & Groom Place Cards.

For one of the Indian outfits we decided to go with a vibrant pink so that it would pop against the white backdrop.

IS6A0737 IS6A0758 IS6A0810 IS6A0816 IS6A0837 IS6A0856 IS6A0866 IS6A0872 IS6A0888 IS6A0892 IS6A0894 IS6A0902 IS6A0905 IS6A0906 IS6A0907 IS6A0911 IS6A0913 IS6A0958 IS6A0959 IS6A0962 IS6A0976 IS6A0978 IS6A0984 IS6A1007 IS6A1027 IS6A1039 IS6A1050 IS6A1065 IS6A1099 IS6A1112 IS6A1120 IS6A1136 IS6A1141 IS6A1154 IS6A1156 IS6A1164 IS6A1198 IS6A1221 IS6A1226 IS6A1243 IS6A1254 IS6A1276 IS6A1278 IS6A1300 IS6A1303 IS6A1319 IS6A1359-Edit IS6A1394-Edit IS6A1401 IS6A1463 IS6A1556 IS6A1573 IS6A1576 IS6A1581 IS6A1603 IS6A1613 IS6A1619 IS6A1643 IS6A1662

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