Cinematographer: Robles Video

Jitin & Anshita Dhawan – Mehndi, Shagun & Sangeet Cinematic Highlights from Robles Video on Vimeo.
A word from Robles Video:
We covered five days of wedding festivities starting on April 20, 2011 for Anshita and Jitin Dhawan. The bride is from Southern California, and the groom is from the UK. They hired us to shoot and create a highlight reel for the first three days to be shown on the fourth day at the Trump National Golf Course in the evening, after their Hindu ceremony.
The first day was the Mehndi event, held at the bride’s family’s home in Porter Ranch. The mehndi is traditionally held for the bride and her female guest to receive a henna design on their hands. The bride’s henna is the most detailed and elaborate, with intricate designs on her hands and feet. The second day was the Shagun Ceremony, held in Beverly Hills at Gaylord India restaurant. The Shagun is a traditional Punjabi engagement ceremony. The bride and her family are welcomed by the groom’s family, the groom receives tikka from the bride’s father, the bride is presented with a red chunni and gold jewelry, and the couple exchange wedding rings. The evening ends perfectly with Jago, a Punjabi culture folk dance by the aunties. The third day was the Sangeet, held in Marina Del Rey at the Marriot. The sangeet began with family singing, live music performed by Nauzad, friends and family performing skits and plenty of great bhangra dancing throughout the evening!

Photography: Global Photography
Catering: Gaylord India Restaurant
Decor & Coordination: Neetu Malhotra
Live Music: Nauzad
Catering: Delhi Palace

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