Set in the scape of sunlight
through movement and love.
I met her,
my dream.
Graceful as the humming bird
Peaceful as the silent sea
Enchanted by her beating heart
we wed.
With movement
With love

Rian_Sairupa_CC0485 Rian_Sairupa_CC0487 Rian_Sairupa_CC0499 Rian_Sairupa_CC0522 Rian_Sairupa_CC0575 Rian_Sairupa_CC0578 Rian_Sairupa_CC0598 Rian_Sairupa_CC0616 Rian_Sairupa_CC0617-1 Rian_Sairupa_CC0693 Rian_Sairupa_CC0711 Rian_Sairupa_FE0034 Rian_Sairupa_FE0048 Rian_Sairupa_FE0054 Rian_Sairupa_FE0069 Rian_Sairupa_FE0073 Rian_Sairupa_FE0079 Rian_Sairupa_FE0082 Rian_Sairupa_FE0086 Rian_Sairupa_FE0098 Rian_Sairupa_FE0102 Rian_Sairupa_FE0125 Rian_Sairupa_FE0132 Rian_Sairupa_FE0143 Rian_Sairupa_FE0149 Rian_Sairupa_FE0190 Rian_Sairupa_FE0193

Design, Decor & Florals: Sara Baig Designs

Photography: Ovyian Photography
Outdoor Shoot: Casa Loma, toronto
Ceremony and reception venue: Liberty Grand, Toronto
Day of Stationary: Paper & Poste
Hair & Make up: AK Makeup & Hair

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