Cinematographer:  Film Style Weddings

Pre Wedding Video

Main Aur Mrs. Verma (‘Mrs. Verma & I’) from Film Style Weddings on Vimeo.

Production Notes
With over 20 hours of practicing and 3 days of filming, ‘Main Aur Mrs. Verma’ is one of Film Style Weddings’ biggest project to date.
The outdoor dancing shoots took about 3 hours to film in 15 degrees below 0.

Next Day Edit

Sapna + Shawn – Next Day Edit from Film Style Weddings on Vimeo.

“…The wedding was a stunner. The décor by Dream Party Décor blew the crowd away. The water walkway, especially, inspired a great deal of awe. Although Raj from ‘Dream Party Décor’ worked very hard, no doubt, to bring their dream wedding to life, much credit is due to Sapna and Shawn themselves, for their creativity and their larger than life thinking. And above all to their determination to ensure that their wedding day would be the most memorable day of their lives. These two are definitely trend setters. As I said the wedding was stunning. To get a glimpse of it, watch the Next Day Edit, shown at their reception.” — Film Style Weddings

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