From the Bride & Groom:
Ashu (bride): With thousand different things to worry about, you just wish that things go right on your wedding day. It is difficult to capture the moments, emotions in between all the chaos and I think Kaushlesh Biyani was able to capture my first relaxed moment on my choora night. After the wedding, we stopped at Panera as we both did not have time to have lunch at our own wedding and totally lost track of time; Biyani and his team waited for us patiently at groom’s house so that they could take post wedding ceremony pictures before losing daylight.

Gagan (groom): On wedding day, Josh and other team members came to our house to capture me getting ready for the big day. They were able to record those important moments where my father was helping and guiding me to tie my turban. It was almost symbolic in a way that with every turn of turban he was teaching me another lesson in patience and love which I consider to be some of the main ingredients for a happy married life.

Once we were all dressed up they took several pictures of everyone looking at their best. While they were taking our pictures, I saw my nephew asking Biyani for some tips on photography and Josh took his time explaining him everything in detail in between taking all the shots. At that moment I felt that Kaushlesh’s team was there not merely to do their job but they honestly wanted to be part of our wedding day. I feel that their genuine effort to relate to us on more personal level shows in their quality of work.

As for both of us, I think we were just happy to get married after 7 years, a conscious decision we made few years ago to focus on our careers while putting our personal life on hold. It was a day that we wanted to enjoy and share with our families & friends and we had a blast at our wedding.
Punjabi_Mehndi_Photography_Austin_TX_130 Punjabi_Mehndi_Photography_Austin_TX_214 Punjabi_Mehndi_Photography_Austin_TX_296 Punjabi_Mehndi_Photography_Austin_TX_438 Punjabi_Mehndi_Photography_Austin_TX_489 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_042 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_195 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_266 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_423 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_447 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_455 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_522 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_734 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_739 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_756 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_893 Punjabi_Wedding_Ceremony_Photography_Austin_TX_918 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_008 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_025 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_054 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_055 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_069 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_166 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_178 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_235 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_312 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_637 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_638 Punjabi_Wedding_Reception_Photography_Austin_TX_649

Photography: Biyani Photography
Makeup/Mehndi and Hair: Singar Studio

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