Made in Banaras:

Tilfi is firmly rooted in the city older than time itself, Banaras. For over five decades, our family has preserved and developed the centuries-old Banarasi weaving tradition. The new generation has now taken over the reins to reinterpret, reinvent and represent this beautiful art form.

A Piece of History:

We strive to bring the finest woven stories from the busy handlooms and the bustling lanes of Banaras Chowk. We believe our products carry the quintessence of this holy city, its nooks and crannies, its chaos, beauty and timelessness. 

An Heirloom:

We believe in slow fashion. All our products are handcrafted and made to last. We don’t produce just clothes, we make heirlooms. We want our products to be investments for you.

A Promise:

Our promise is that of impeccable quality and lasting value. Our mission is to bring back the beauty of Banarasi to every family’s collection – this wouldn’t be possible without relentless attention to detail and fair pricing.