Joe Molieri

Do you know what happens to pure carbon 100 miles below the earth’s surface? If you’re recently engaged you probably know. That sparkling diamond began its journey as carbon. It experienced intense pressure and temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees!

Now, I’m no diamond, but if great difficulty can create such beauty I’ve got a thing or two going for me. My parents – both second generation immigrants, one from Italy, the other from Ireland, divorced when I was only six years old. My parents did still manage to have 5 kids during that time which gave me two great older brothers and two wonderful little sisters. By the time I graduated high school my family had moved 7 times and I had attended 5 different school districts. I briefly attended a non-denominational Christian College, Eastern University, before transferring to a decidedly post-modern liberal arts school, University of the Arts.

This tumultuous upbringing exposed me to countless socio-economic classes, cultures, and world views. Out of it I have formed a great love and respect for the thing that binds us all: our shared humanity. Our commonality can initially be quite superficial before becoming intensely personal. On the surface it’s the brands we choose, the circles we move in, the clothes we wear, and the cultures we are from. But by and large we don’t choose these things so much as we’re born into them. As we begin making more conscious choices the superficiality is replaced with our personalized decisions. It comes to an incredible crescendo with the decision of who we will love for a lifetime.

Your story is most certainly unique, but there is one thing in common. That is love, which is something we all search for and can give. I met my wife and tied the knot in June of 2013 and it would be my pleasure to join you to capture your story for you when you tie your knot.