My name is Neeta Desai Sharma, and for over last two and half decades I
have been adorning brides and inspiring artists with my mehndi designs. A
social worker by profession I have always had a very special relationship
with doing henna/mehndi. I am a self-taught henna artist practicing this
art for the last 27 years and have always been committed to providing
artistic, professional services and making my clients experience with
henna/mehndi a unique, enjoyable and an unforgettable one.

I was born and raised in India and have traveled a great deal (throughout
Asia, Australia, Europe and North America) and have practiced my passion
and also taught courses on the intricate art of henna in these countries.

This exquisite form of body art is part of my cultural heritage and I am
proud to be able to decorate each bride-to-be with a pattern unique to her
personality, including motifs that express her inner dreams and desires.
Although proficient in many styles of Henna, I treasure traditional Indian
bridal designs, and take exacting care with high degree of detail in my
work. I love how the mehndi ceremony fits into the entire celebration of
Indian Weddings, and cherish my role as one of many spokes in the wheel,
making a couple’s special day truly a memorable occasion. Once I had a
parent tell me “Your role is so important in a wedding as it is usually
the mehndi ceremony that kicks off the wedding festivities”. I love to
extend this art form onto cakes and other mediums like wood, glass and

I am currently providing henna services throughout the central valley (in
and around Merced, Turlock, Modesto, Stockton, Sacramento, and Yuba City)
as well as the bay area (in and around San Francisco, Fremont, Sunnyvale,
San Jose, Sonoma, Pleasanton, and surrounding area). I also am open to
travelling to destinations to do mehndi.

My henna paste is made with 100% natural Henna powder, lemon juice, and
essential oils. I do not use “Black henna” because I believe it is
unethical and dangerous