Hi! My name is Matei and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, California, but I have traveled extensively to cover weddings both in the US and abroad. Always loved telling a story through an image. And I love taking pictures of people. In a wedding, everything that I’ve learned over the years comes together like a puzzle: photojournalism, fine art photography, editorial and portrait and even a little bit of fashion photography, all into one. I call my style ‘fine art’ photojournalism, but really it’s a blend of all of the above.

It never ceases to amaze me- with weddings, how everything is old and everything is new again. Everything you think you know you don’t -as every single couple, every single family and culture bring something new and exciting to the table. The only thing predictable is the unexpected.
As each wedding is unique, we tailor our packages to meet your needs.

If you love my work, and you don’t think that your wedding pictures should look like your grandma’s (even though I love grandmothers) please get in touch! I would love to talk about your day, the more unique the better. Please follow me on Instagram @mateihorvath for more day to day updates and travel times.