Love Decor & More was established in 2016 with an eager college graduate trying to exploit her creative suite. Trying to help a friend save costs on wedding expenses, she started an event decor company where the main focus was not just designing glamorous events – but designing budget friendly glamorous events.

Unlike the average decorator, LDM’s main focus is budget. Our goal is to help our clients design unique custom events based on inspiration and budget. If our client’s inspiration is out of reach, that is where we step in and offer expertise advice on what works best to achieve the same vision. We don’t create the prices, we help you create them.

While in 2016, there were just two of us catering to close friends and family, today we have become a full executive design team consisting of young professionals who produce one of a kind events. Residing in Connecticut, we travel and cater to the northern eastern part of America including but not limited to: New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.