Mika and Neil first connected while online dating. Their relationship is just like” opposites attract” as they are both Indians but their families are form two very different regions. Mika is from west Bengal and Neil is from Gujarat.

On Neil’s 30th Birthday, Urmika was vacationing in Brazil and he said he wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday in Iceland, so they got together and flew to the place where Neil wanted to propose. Urmika grew suspicious that Neil might propose her but because of the rain Neil couldn’t do that until day 5 of the trip. Later they flew to the Arctic Circle, north of Iceland to a small island, and above a Puffin cove Neil proposed. She said “yes”.

Their wedding was a blast because families with such rich cultures wouldn’t trade their most cherished occasion’s values for anything. So their parents decided to go for extremely traditional outfits, and that includes a very heavy dress for the Bride. Mika’s was over 20 lbs. it looked beautiful but made her day quite tough. So for the choreographed finale dance, they decided to change the dress.

So here are some highlights of this beautiful wedding.

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Photography + Video: IQ Photo

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