The bridesmaids made themselves at home in Twinkles hotel room as she got ready. The bridesmaids who were married exchanged war stories of marriage – coaxing twinkle into submission – but as they did Twinkle simply smiled and explained how their love is different and how Amit would go to the ends of the earth to make her happy. Her bridesmaids all knew she was perfect for Amit and reverted to reminisce about stories throughout their courtship – from late nights out, dinners and romantic getaways.

Twinkle met Amit while he was working as a DJ in a nightclub. She never gave it much thought, placed him in the friend zone and simply assumed he was being nice when he asked for her number. But over the next few weeks he would constantly pursue her, try to take her to dinner, show her his sensitive side, making her mix tapes and over time he finally won a date and over time her heart.

Surrounded by friends and family Twinkle and Amit took seven rounds around the fire as they vowed to love each other and make each other their priority. Twinkle and Amit – your love is beautiful, it’s a testament to affection, dedication and true friendship. Thank you for inviting us into your families and allowing us the opportunity to document your beautiful day.
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Photography: Photographick

Venue: Foxchase Manor
Makeup Artist: Sapna Desai
Decorator: Dharma Events
Caterer: Bombay Tandoor

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