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Registering for gifts? (Congrats!) By now you’ve probably realized that you’ll want to register for items from more than one store. But managing multiple gift registries and asking your family and friends to search through different lists can be a real hassle – for you, and for them.

There’s a better way. With SimpleRegistry, you can easily add any item from any store to one simple registry. You can even add non-tangible items, like help with a down payment on that house you’ve been eyeing (or a rainbow, whichever you think is more practical). Anything you can dream up (and assign a price), you can add to your registry. SimpleRegistry makes it easy to create the registry of your dreams, all in one place.

*Add Anything to Your Registry — Anything you can think of and apply a cost to can be added to your registry. Mix housewares, honeymoon activities, funds toward a mortgage down payment, etc. – all on one registry.

*Mobile App – The SimpleRegistry mobile app gives members the ability to visit a store anywhere in the world, quickly scan a barcode or snap a photo with their device’s camera, and add the item to their wedding registry. One recent couple used their iPhones to register one or more items from twenty-seven different stores!  They simply scanned the barcode of any item that caught their eye and didn’t need to think about what store they were in.  

*Freedom — Redeem all gifts as cash and decide where, when, and how to arrange the purchase of your gifts.

*Group Gifts — We make it easy to register for expensive items and split the cost so many guests can contribute.

*Ease of Use — Customizing your registry is easy with our purpose-built tools, the SimpleAdder (learn more), gift image library, automatic slideshows, and more.

*Gift Redemption Options — Flexible choices for redeeming your gifts. You tell us when you’re ready to receive your gifts and we send you a bank check or transfer them directly to your checking or PayPal account.

*Thank You — Saying “Thank You” is easy with an instantly generated list of all your guests, the gift(s) they provided, amounts, and their full contact information.

*Fees — We have some of the lowest fees around.

More SimpleRegistry Wedding Features can be found here.

Their mission is to create the world’s easiest and most flexible registry system.

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