Website: Desi Spark

Desi Spark is a new matrimony and Indian dating site that is shaking up the market by providing the same services as other subscription (i.e. shaadi, bharatmatrimony) sites for free. If you, or your someone you know, is looking for an affordable matrimonial site with all the bells and whistles of a paid site then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

The biggest selling point for Desi Spark is being able to message other users for free which other sites targeted to South Asians require you to pay expensive subscription fees for. From the minute you see the homepage you’ll know that Desi Spark is different. It’s professional and super easy to use. Besides letting you message others for free Desi Spark offers all the same features as the subscription sites making it fun to use.

Reading about Desi Spark on its blog and Twitter feed it’s clear Alnur (the sole creator) is passionate about giving Desis another choice when it comes to finding love. He says that the popular subscription sites generate tens of millions of dollars capitalizing on Desis trying to find love – something he believes is our right. His, and Desi Spark’s, slogan is “Because love should be free” and that message seems to be backed up by the site.

I think he has an uphill battle being a one man show and trying to stand up to the subscription sites that spend millions on advertising but it’s clear he think Desis should have another choice, a better choice. What do you think?

Check out Desi Spark and spread the word because as Alnur says love should be free!

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