Our first date was sip and paint back in January 2020. This is where we drink wine and learn how to paint a specific scene. The theme for this date was Chinese New Year’s because this was around the time of Chinese New Year’s, so we painted a scene with colourful Chinese lanterns. We both were terrible with painting but we were laughing a lot and kept making fun of each other but also playing around with each other while we were learning to paint. The most memorable moment was after the date in the car when we were just talking for hours. We shared some deep, personal things about our pasts and that mutual vulnerability helped both of us feel comfortable and truly connected to each other. A lot of people ask us if it was love at first sight. For me, it was a gradual progression towards a lifelong bond. But for Shivang it was love at first sight. In true 21st century fashion, we met through a dating app. After the first 2 dates, Shivang asked me to be his girlfriend so we can commit to each other and build a strong bond. In-between our dates and conversations were some really deep and impactful moments. These are the moments that made us love each other and realize we had a lifelong and unbreakable bond. Shivang has such a good heart and is a really a selfless guy. He also always puts me first and loves me unconditionally. Knowing his heart I know raising a family with him will be so beautiful and life will be so happily ever after.

Our proposal story is the one for the books for sure. Shivang had been planning the proposal since January 2021 exactly a year from when we met, he was searching for and customizing my engagement ring! On the day of the proposal, August 2021, we drove to one of my favorite Beaches in New Jersey. Shivang said he has set up a photoshoot for us there, so of course I had to dress up. He told me he picked that beach because it’s picture perfect. As we pulled up by the beach, he asked me to close my eyes and we started to walk toward the beach. After what seemed like a lifetime of walking, I finally heard our song playing. “Beautiful crazy” by Luke Combs. At that moment I knew this was real. I started to tear up. As we stopped walking he asked me to open my eyes and when I did, what I saw took my breath away. All my loved ones were there holding photos of all the special moments Shivang and I have shared. After walking past everyone, Shivang pulled me into a heart shaped by red roses, where he went down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!! The beach has been really close to my heart all my life as also we got engaged on the beach. I also do love the sun and its warmth, especially as it is rising or setting with an ocean and beach scene.

When Shivang and I started to plan our wedding, I knew one thing for sure, and that’s that our wedding HAD to happen on a beach. As we started searching for venues in New Jersey, we realized that everything we wanted in our wedding could come true in Mexico, so we decided on a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico. We had total of 6 events. Welcome night, Haldi, Holi, Sangeet, Wedding & Reception. All our events had a different theme, but our wedding was definitely a tropical theme, with coconuts, and ice cream, and other cold drinks as refreshments for our guests during the wedding. The mandap decoration was blush pink and red flowers, and some greenery around branches on top of a 4 pillared mandap that felt like an elegant raft ready to take us off the island of our families and friends, to our own island, ready to start our own family. As Shivang was dancing with his friends and family on his way to meet me and my family and friends, the dhol player and dj were making sure the entire resort knew that this was a special wedding. After the entrance, guests made their way to white tiffany-chiffon chairs, and white cloth covering overhead to ensure the sun was not beating to hard. Shivang entered with a white sherwani with light gold work from AsoPalav, and green shoes, maala, and kalgi, to accessorize and match with my wedding jewellery that was also made by Asopalav. I had a beautiful red chaniya choli also from AsoPalav detailed with handstitched flowerwork and vertical lines on the lehenga, with a long red vail. The most memorable moment from the wedding was when Shivang saw me for the first time in my wedding outfit. He couldn’t stop crying and he said I was the most beautiful bride and he couldn’t wait to get married to me.

To pick one moment that I would love to repeat, I would really like to repeat the Baraat Dance that we did. I loved seeing everyone’s’ face at the moment I came out from behind my friends to welcome Shivang and his family and friends. It was the most beautiful moment for me to be able to see the excitement in everyone’s eyes; especially Shivang’s.

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