Shafeena + Vishal | Sky Full of Stars from Jay Chaudhry on Vimeo.

We had the great pleasure of meeting Shafeena last year during our production for “The Feeling” across Calgary and Osoyoos. Shafeena happened to be the incredibly talented henna artist for our bride and as we got into talking, sparks flew instantly. Ever since then, Shafeena has not only been one of our most noticeable and vocal fans, but a near and dear friend.

As we got to learn more about her wedding, her lucky fiance (Vishal, who’s one of the truest and dapper gentleman we’ve met) we knew something special was on the rise. S&V wanted nothing less than a fairytale wedding come to life on the big screen and had been super-dooper involved with the process from the get-go. Take a note brides to be/ brides in the making: THIS, right here, is one of the most crucial steps that goes on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the steps that sometimes gets overlooked. The work we produce isn’t always just about the technicals, rather, how we approach each sequence in association with the characters. Let’s skip the pep talk and cut to the point: The closer we feel to our couples, the better the outcome.

We want to take this opportunity to thank some special people individually who played a key role in making this celebrity-studded wedding possible. Firstly: A huge shout out to EACH AND EVERY MEMBER of the Premji + Dodiya family. This was surely one of those times where long-lasting relationships were made and we truly felt the presence of being part of the family!

Cinematography: Escape Studios

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