Rikesh and Sarina met in Hawaii back in 2008. Rikesh’s uncle was Sarina’s dad’s friend. All 3 families decided to take a vacation to Hawaii and that is when Rikesh and Sarina met and here they are, 15 years later they tied the knot on November 26th 2022 with an incredible 4 day events that included the Mehndi, Pithi/Ganesh, Satak at Double Tree Hilton Ontario Hotel followed by a stunning wedding ceremony at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Chino Hills.

A Christmas proposal : It was Christmas Eve in 2021 and Rikesh told Sarina they needed to pick up a secret Santa gift from the Apple Store in the Americana. It was cold and Sarina didn’t bring a jacket and she was starving so she made them rush to go to the Apple Store to pick up the gift, when in reality, Rikesh was supposed to go to the fountain in the middle of the outdoor mall to propose. Once they picked up the gift, Rikesh said “let’s go to the fountain and make a wish”. Sarina in her mind was thinking…why does he want to make a wish? He knows she’s cold and hungry, but little did she know her wish was about to come true. Sarina closed her eyes to make a wish and turned to Rikesh and he said “Did you
dream come true, because mine did” and kneeled down and proposed to Sarina!

For the vibe and vision they wanted a wedding that was different, something no one had ever done before. Sarina always wanted a night wedding and they thought BAPS would be the perfect venue to get married outdoors. Every detail of their wedding has a significance to it. They decided Emerald green because both of their birthdays are in May and their birth stone is Emerald Green.
Sarina & Rikesh chose BAPS Temple because they have always wanted an outdoor night wedding. The vibes and energy you get as soon as you walk into the temple grounds were calming and they saw how beautiful the temple looked at
night, with all its lighting and colors it was the perfect venue for them.

It had been freezing with several rainy days for weeks, however, the sky opened up to give Rikesh & Sarina a perfect wedding day with the most beautiful clear sky and romantic sunset. It was so beautiful!

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