Sahil and I met during our first year of medical school in 2018. He had taken an anatomy class in college, so we first talked during an anatomy review session he was helping lead. He asked me out after our second exam, and our first date started as a study date, followed by him making me Indian food for dinner and going to a local dairy farm with fresh ice cream and cows I could pet.
I knew Sahil was the one when we decided to quarantine at the start of the pandemic together. Spending so much time just the two of us and navigating such an uncertain time allowed our relationship to grow even deeper. We marathoned our favorite movie series – Lord of the Rings and Star Wars for him, Harry Potter for me – and took turns making new recipes in the kitchen. We got to see what our lives were like together without the constant pressure of school, and after that I knew I wanted to marry him.
Sahil proposed in Myrtle Beach, SC at Brookgreen Gardens on a family vacation. It was our 4th year anniversary, so he and I were supposed to be going to the gardens and the brunch on our own to celebrate. He surprised me not only with the proposal but also by having his cousin photograph the occasion. He also arranged for my sister to fly into town from Kansas to be there for the proposal. Afterwards, we got to celebrate with our families and spend time at my favorite place – the beach!

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