Sadie and Aneel were determined to make their wedding events intimate. They didn’t want their wedding ceremony to feel like a new beginning, or the start of their lives together, but rather a celebration of a bond that they had grown and nurtured over the past 12 years.

Sadie and Aneel were inspired by the look and feel of an intimate garden setting. A blissful combination of rustic chic, and the romantic outdoors set the mood for their romantic civil ceremony and intimate wedding reception. With a creative florist, and the open concept of the venue, we were able to create the vision they had in mind.

After a traditional Nikkah ceremony, the couple changed for their outdoor civil ceremony. A beautiful arch with a hanging crystal chandelier, and romantic fabric draping, accented by hanging crystals and elegant floral arrangements that flanked the alter, it was just the romantic ceremony they envisioned. Our beautiful bride stole the show away in her beautiful designer gown, designed with Swarovski crystals, and romantic lace pattern. As she walked down the aisle everyone stared breathe taken by her sight, including Aneel who patiently waited at the end of the aisle as he admired his new bride glide down the aisle next to her father. The two exchanged their personally written vows and enjoyed planning a new tree with their mothers to represent the combining of two family roots to start their new home and journey together with their families.

It was the details that really matter to the couple. From a secret lock in the bride bouquet, to the hidden key in the groom’s boutonniere, this couple seemed to have thought of every aspect of their wedding. As the ceremony conclude the guests enjoyed cocktail hour before the big reveal of their hopeless romantic reception. As the doors open, the reception was revealed with its beautiful twinkling and floral lush lantern display that floated gracefully above the head table placed in front of a wall of windows exposing the sun setting in the background. Florals of coral, pinks, blush, peach, ivory, and duty miller with accents of moss adorned each of the tables in a variety centerpieces consisting of lanterns with floral accents, romantic mason jar with florals, and elegant tall arrangements to really keep the room intimate, rustic, and open.

As the social hour concluded, guests enjoyed a fun and exciting reception that followed. As family and friends gave comical and meaningful speeches, the night continued with food and dancing all night long! Sadie and Aneel, like themselves, wanted to add some fun to their wedding reception, and added a gourmet mash potato bar that was not only delicious, but also entertaining for their family and friend to enjoy. When you look to not impress, or outshine others on your wedding day, you find peace with family, romance with floral, and creativity with the simplicity of designs. With their adorable relationship, and enthusiastic personality this lovely couple created a beautiful evening filled with love, laughter, and vows that will forever be remembered.

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