A note from the bride:
Ahmed and I met in college, but went to different universities and remained friends all the while. Six years later, Ahmed and his family proposed and I happily accepted. We just fit together so perfectly. What was special about our wedding was that we were bringing together Egyptian and Pakistani customs, so guests got to dance to new music and try new foods.

What made this wedding special:
This wedding was unique as it combined Egyptian and Pakistani customs to create fabulous fusion wedding! The mehndi design was kept light with using pastel colors( mint, coral, blush, orange, gold).  The floral arch for the wedding was inspired by a Mediterranean feel.  We channeled the cobalt blues of Santorini in the glass bottles against a white chiffon drape.  We wanted to recreate the whimsical look of bougainvillea in the floral arch.

SaaniaAhmedMehndi-002 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-004 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-005 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-019 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-087 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-106 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-116 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-118 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-141 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-142 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-173 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-176 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-182 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-202 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-229 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-241 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-249 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-278 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-331 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-345 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-349 SaaniaAhmedMehndi-351 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-007 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-009 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-026 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-050 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-054 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-058 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-060 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-066 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-068 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-069 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-070 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-072 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-073 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-077 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-081 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-083 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-092 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-166 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-190 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-214 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-259 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-262 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-266 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-277 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-337 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-339 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-359 SaaniaAhmedShaadi-363

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