In 2012, at the Hindu Heritage summer camp, two young souls from opposite ends of the country crossed paths. Rupa, hailing from South Carolina, and Satish, a Connecticut native, instantly clicked and became the best of friends. Little did they know that this friendship would form the foundation of a remarkable love story. Maintaining their bond through frequent calls and messages, Rupa and Satish soon found themselves in a long-distance relationship that spanned 3.5 years. Life had other plans for them, prompting a tough decision: they chose to go their separate ways temporarily to explore life in their early twenties. But fate had a different plan. In 2019, the stars aligned, bringing Rupa and Satish to the same city: Chicago. There, amidst the urban landscape, their love blossomed anew, rooted in a deep and mature friendship. Rekindling their romance, they embarked on a journey that would truly test the strength of their love.

Their whirlwind romance in the Windy City reached its pinnacle on New Year’s Day in 2022. In Charlotte, North Carolina, Satish orchestrated a proposal that left everyone, especially Rupa, in awe. With the help of Rupa’s two closest friends, he planned the perfect day and presented her with a stunning 3.3-carat oval diamond ring. Surrounded by loved ones, their love story took another beautiful turn.

Right from the start, Rupa envisioned a wedding that was different, a celebration where their love would shine brightly without getting lost in the grandeur that often characterizes South Asian weddings. Chicago held a special place in their hearts, representing the highlight of their love story. Although they had moved to Philadelphia in March 2022, hosting their wedding in Chicago was symbolic—a “destination wedding” for their guests. The Swissotel, a stunning venue with panoramic views of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan, was their choice for hosting their nearest and dearest. The Swissotel’s restaurant, The Palm, served as the backdrop for their Ganesh Puja and joint Haldi ceremony. The patio, adorned with vibrant orange and yellow marigolds, and draped in yellow and white fabric, created a picturesque setting for the festivities. But the grandeur didn’t end there. The couple hosted their guests on a Sunset Sangeet Yacht on the Anita Dee Yacht Charters. Sailing on Lake Michigan, they enjoyed breathtaking views of the Chicago skyline and were treated to the world-famous Saturday night Navy Pier fireworks. Singing and dancing under the twinkling lights and amidst the dazzling fireworks, they celebrated their love, a love that had sailed through time and distance.

Rupa & Satish’s wedding was held at the stunning Chicago Cultural Museum. In the Preston Bradley Hall, which hosts the largest Tiffany dome in the world. Rupa and Satish had a hindu wedding and incorporated their own vows that symbolize their love for each other. The Preston Bradley Hall is known for its arch structures and Rupa chose an open mandap concept with three arches to truly highlight the room’s natural architecture. Rupa went for colors that would compliment the sage green within the room and opted for peach and white florals. For the reception, the room was simply highlighted with purple uplights and incorporated some darker peach tones to set the stage.

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