Rishi + Jehan – Next Day Edit from Film Style Weddings on Vimeo.

The couple featured in this next-day edit both live in New York City, but their wedding festivities bring them to Vancouver, British Columbia where the groom originally resided. Both of them are full-time professionals, with busy schedules and fast-paced lives. Yet each can agree that one can never be too busy for a good time.

As the first few minutes of the clip reveal, there was a fun and upbeat vibe to Rishie and Jehan’s events. Rishie’s younger sister, along with the help of her family and friends, put together an entertaining skit imitating him as well the love story shared between the couple. Colorful in spirit and in detail, from the skit and amusing songs performed to the vibrantly ornate bridal lengha Jehan wore, to the quick stop at the casino the bridesmaids made prior to the ceremony- every minute aspect of the wedding betrayed a playful, creative style.

Two years ago we filmed Rishie’s sister’s wedding, so it was a pleasant little reunion for us as well as many recognized our crew and team. No matter how many times you work with a family however, the mood of the events is largely set by the bride and groom. Rishie is energetic, quick to help and strikingly genuine. Jehan is more demure in nature, with an observant eye and a knack for thoughtfully quick decision-making. Although they came to the wedding drawing board sometimes with two different visions, it must be admired at how she placed her groom’s happiness at the top of her list of priorities. A fusion wedding is always interesting because of the many harmonizing elements that are integrated into the proceedings and the learning experience it is for all who participate. This held true for Rishie and Jehan as well. Our couple’s wedding celebrations not only stunningly fused together two cultures, but two distinct personalities and tastes.

Cinematography:  Film Style Weddings

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