How We Met

During the pandemic, Reena decided to book a flight to NYC to explore the east coast and live in an AirBnb for a few months. A couple weeks before her flight back to California, Reena’s cousin told her about a singles event called Rishta. The event allows for people to get together and interact in a fun social setting and to meet other prospective singles. Reena never thought she would ever go to a “matrimonial event,” but was convinced to go. Little did she know she’d find the love of her life, Sagar there. All thanks to Sagar’s best friend, Parth & his family for hosting the event and convincing him to attend. It was love at first sight. Sagar, who we all know as being quiet and shy worked up the courage to go up and talk to Reena. There was immediate chemistry and the conversation had the perfect flow. Sagar eventually asked Reena on a first date.

A couple months later Reena decided to move to New Jersey and they got to know each other and their respective families. They knew that they were the best match for each other and the rest was history.

The Proposal

Sagar & Reena planned on taking the parents to explore San Francisco as it was Sagar’s parents first time visiting California. Reena had the whole day planned, but little did she know that Sagar had his own idea of how the day would go. Sagar insisted on stopping at Baker’s beach first, a very popular beach in SF with an exceptional view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sagar had a professional photographer and Reena’s siblings waiting for them at the beach to celebrate.

On the way, Reena suggested going to Land’s End and Treasure Island. It was a struggle for Sagar to say no to Reena as she had no idea what was about to happen. Luckily, Reena’s dad was driving and knew what was really planned for the day and he convinced Reena to enjoy what Sagar had planned. As soon as they got to the beach, Sagar was feeling very nervous. The second the sand touched his toes and he felt the wind in his hair, the anxiety just dissipated. Reena wanted to dip her feet in the water so Sagar walked her towards the ocean where she came across a proposal setup from a distance. As they continued walking in that direction she realized it was all set up for her. She was so surprised and ecstatic. The whole family was together and Sagar got down on one knee. Everyone at the beach was clapping and cheering for them. Sagar popped the big question…Reena said YES!

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