Location: Washington DC

Photography: Nat Wongsaroj Photography

Her Version of the Story: After my manager at the time had notified me that she was leaving the company, I was stumped. Having developed an everlasting friendship with her, we decided to go out to celebrate her future and our friendship. I invited two of my best friends to join us. While enjoying dinner, I noticed Krishan staring at me from across the room. Joking with my friends, I started to make fun of his mismatched tie. Realizing that I was laughing at him, Krishan approached my table. In an attempt to impress, Krishan told me I looked beautiful in a broken Hindi accent, I couldn’t help but laugh at him. Lucky for me he was very persistent and left quite an impression before he returned to his table. Shortly after, my friends and I left, but before the end of the evening I realized I left my coat at the restaurant. As I walked back inside, I noticed Krishan was still at his table. He spotted me at the entrance and approached me. He told me he would not leave unless I agreed to have dinner with him. When he walked away that night one of my friends looked at me and said, “watch, I bet you are going to marry that guy”. Thank you Laily, you were right!!!

His Version of the Story: I awoke on that crisp January morning with a good feeling. We had been working long hours at work and a day off was in sight. A few of my co-workers and myself planned to go out for dinner after work to unwind and have a little fun. The day went by quickly and as I was getting ready to go out I couldn’t help feeling that something good was going to happen. With that in mind, as I was getting ready, I decided to wear something to stand out a little bit. I put on this stylish outfit complimented with my lucky tie. Everyone was having a really good time at dinner as we were all just happy to be off work. During dinner my co-worker tapped me on the shoulder and said a girl was pointing at me. When I looked up I thought I saw an angel. It was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I walked over to her table and noticing that she was Indian, told her she looked very beautiful in Hindi. She laughed because of the accent and asked me about my tie. We had a few laughs and I went back to my table. As the night went on she left with her friends, as my co-workers and I continued to enjoy ourselves. Towards the end of the night I noticed Veetu coming back in because she had left her coat. At that point I knew it was fate, so I asked her if I could take her to dinner sometime and she said yes. The rest is history…

Wedding & Reception Venue: The Andrew Mellon Auditorium
Event Planner/Floral Designer: Modny Events
Lighting: Blue Steel Lighting Design
Caterer: Diya
Makeup Artist: Malia’s Makeup Artistry
Cinematography: Surburban Media Group
Second Shooter:
Leah Hewitt &
Melanie Yu

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