Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Photographer: Sansaara Photography, An SAB Top 50 Vendor: Link Here
Event Designer: Suhaag Garden

“Vishal and I first met as kids when he moved to my hometown and joined in our weekly Sunday School classes. When we first met, my friends and I regarded him as a Prankster and tolerated his antics during our weekly meetings but I never thought of him as more than an acquaintance. As we grew older and joined in a youth group as teenagers, I began to talk with Vishal more frequently and we became friends quickly over instant messenger. During this time I developed feelings for him but did not act on them as I was headed off to College soon, but did confide in my best friend, telling her not to say a word to anyone. Little did I know that Vishal was also confiding in my best friend and was trying to garner information from her about my budding interest in him. To this day we credit her as our Matchmaker. When choosing the site of our Marriage, we chose to stay close to home as we are both from the same small town in North Carolina, picking a local garden with a newly built structure that was a Unique and Natural Setting for Our Wedding. Our Ultimate goal was for our Friends and Family to enjoy themselves while we stayed true to ourselves and our personalities which was achieved through a combination of the Setting, our Wonderful Vendors, and the Overwhelming support and love we received from our Guests. Our Gujarati Wedding was kept Traditional, beginning with Pithi and Grahashanti Ceremonies for both sides, a Mehndi night for close family members, and a group Garba, all before the Wedding day. Experiencing the 3 day weekend was a gift and is something we will not soon forget as we shared this time with our big families and close friends. Having Both sides of the families so happy and engaged in our wedding made the experience that much more memorable.” -Kripa and Vishal Dhandha

Event Venue: Cape Fear Botanical Garden
Bakery: Sugarland Bakery
Caterer: Naval Sethi of Bombay Grille
DJ: DJ Rang
Cinematography: Michael Lewis of Prashant Video Production

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