Spring is in the air and one of our first spring weddings this season was with Rasheeda and Jafer! They had two fun filled days of events including a Mehendi event at the San Ramon Community Center and then the next event was at the Bridges Golf Club. For this first post we will be sharing some of our favorite images of our lovely Muslim bride on the Mehendi night. This event starts with friends and family gathering at the venue and helping themselves to appetizers and socializing. Once everyone has arrived the women gather in the center and play Dholki which is a Pakistani two sided drum that accompanies the women singing. It is done to celebrate the couple getting married and many popular songs are sung with different women taking turns leading the songs. Friends also did a dance performance to entertain guests and the couple and a very nice dinner was enjoyed by all. At one point the bride’s sister and her friends took the groom’s shoes in a playful game in which he must pay to get them back. The evening ended with an open dance floor and the next event is the reception or Walima and is coming up in the next post!
Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0002 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0003 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0004 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0005 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0006 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0007 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0008 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0009 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0010 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0011 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0012 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0013 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0014 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0015 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0016 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0017 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0018 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0019 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0020 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0021 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0022 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0023 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0024 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0025 Bayarea_Pakistani_Mehendi_Photos_0026

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