Website:  Ranjana Khan
Collection available:  Neiman Marcus

For years Ranjana Khan has applied her vast knowledge of embroideries to create instantly iconic pieces of jewelry and accessories. She has become one of the world’s greatest authorities on embellishments, sharing her unique insight and experience with renowned couturiers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Alber Elbaz, and Alexander McQueen. Now, with the launch of her own collection, she speaks to an audience entirely her own.

Born and raised in India, Ranjana brings Bombay to New York via Paris, the disparate influences of her life forming an aesthetic that combines hard and soft, dark and light, masculine and feminine, leather and tulle.

Ranjana subverts the entire idea of what jewelry can and cannot be. She treats precious things in an almost cavalier way—using acid and flame to achieve a desired look. There are no rules or preconceptions to her work. She applies opposing elements in striking combinations that convey an emotion or tell a story. She views every collection as a departure from the previous, each season embarking on a creative journey that ultimately yields her inventive and eclectic pieces. And though her designs are bravely new, they are at once timeless, designed with the aim of being worn, cherished, and passed on for generations to come.

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