PUTLIGHAR’s visualization is inspired by Cholistan and Thatha dolls. The collection on its own is a saga of epic love story between a puppeteer and his creation. we have been looking into royalty ruins and leftovers throughout the region. You will find a bit of cholistan, some colonial elements and glimpses of the Ranjit Singh era but in Venetian treatment. We are introducing Print Museum Couture editions silk designs, hand embroidered into perfection with vintage tone sequins and tilla to make beautiful timeless elegant pieces. Infused with some of fahad hussayn signature edge and finely crafted couture. We’re infusing some of the looks with printed 3d cutouts, embroidered drawings and 3d embroidered cutouts, giving the old world charm a new twist. Traditional zari work, 3d embellishment, threadwork and a vintage tone of tilla on printed bases paired with an assortment of ghararas and skirts in velvets and rich banarsi fabrics. Putlighar is Grand, edgy and Eloquent. We are super excited to showcase our collection. It’s been more than a year in the making, from the concept to the final execution, and we are really excited to reveal them finally. We pick a theme, develop options of collections, and evolve them into as many designs as possible which are then divided into luxury pret, limited editions print museum and novelty couture. Fahad Hussayn couture is also unveiling an extensive range of custom designed 24 carat gold plated jewelry pieces in a luxurious range of statement and old-school revival designs.

6-7 4-5 2-3

Designer: Fahad Hussayn Couture
Makeup: Maram + Aabroo

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