In every detail, we’ve sought to bridge our rich Indian heritage with the nuances of growing up in America. Picture a traditional ceremony set in a rustic venue, signature drinks inspired by our beloved pet, and playful games that spark joy and laughter among our loved ones.

We wanted a unique look and feel for our wedding so we got married in a location most Indians do not – Vermont. We wanted an elevated rustic look that encompassed us with mountains and colorful fall foliage.

We matched on the dating app, happn, at The Chai Spot in NYC while we were both visiting friends there. We didn’t end up meeting in person until we were back in the DC for our first date on 12/21/2019 that lasted for hours at a pizza spot (Andy’s Pizza in Tyson’s). This is where we learned that we are both chai lovers specifically. To this day, it’s part of our daily practice to make chai for each other.

When the time came for Pratik to propose, he concocted an elaborate ruse to surprise the love of his life. He managed to persuade Anu that his company had planned an all-expense-paid trip to Cancun for them. Little did she know, the real purpose of the trip was the romantic sunflower beach picnic Pratik had arranged. As the sun rose over the blue waters, Pratik got down on one knee and asked Anu to spend the rest of their lives together, turning yet another ordinary moment into an extraordinary one.

Anu, part of their family business Jain Jewelry specializing in gold and diamond jewelry, blended her roles as a bride and jeweler for her perfect ring. So when the time came, Pratik knew exactly who to go to – his future mother and father in law. Lucky for him, Anu had already shared her love of diamonds, specifically radiant cut for the center stone with side pear or trillion cut stones. Collaborating with their goldsmith, Pratik custom made a 4 carat diamond ring in 14KT white gold.




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