About the couple:
Most love stories begin with some form of a romantic gesture; but not Pankti and Jai. If you ask Jai, he will tell you that when he saw Pankti’s picture, he recognized her immediately from a summer camp he attended at the age of 14. At that summer camp, Pankti had become friends with one of his best friends and he recalled being too shy to introduce himself to a girl that he found so pretty. Pankti, on the other hand, swears that she had never seen him in her life, despite the few mutual friends. And while this could have been their beginning, Pankti and Jai were actually introduced to each other by their parents.

Being open to meeting someone, even through parents, Pankti and Jai were put into contact. Unaware that he would be the one receiving a message, Pankti initiated a conversation via text as she lived in Virginia Beach, VA and he in Dallas, TX. Even though she was the initiator, Pankti was quite hesitant at first and tried to avoid a phone call. Jai, who preferred phone conversations, bit the bullet and kept her entertained via text for a week. Feeling confident that he wasn’t crazy, Pankti okay-ed their first telephone conversation. While short, the first conversation was full of laughter and connection. Pankti knew immediately that she was going to be in trouble. However, the timeline of their turning point was even more unimaginable. Their second conversation, which lasted 8 hours long was more than enough for Pankti and Jai. By the end of the conversation, they each knew they had found “the one”.

Soon, Jai visited for an entire weekend where Pankti and Jai spent 72 hours getting to know each other. The following weekend, Jai met Pankti’s family and she met Jai’s shortly after. Quickly, it was apparent to anyone who met the couple that they were made for each other. While their courting period has been short, Pankti and Jai have grown immensely in relationship over the foundation that they established: “We have decided to be together; now it is just about tackling obstacles together.”

Engagement Details:

Jai, who is an apparent romantic, proposed to Pankti on September 21, 2019 in the sweetest way possible. Carrying out their mutual love for Harry Potter, Jai organized a special scavenger hunt at a beautiful library with riddles from their relationship. At each riddle, she was presented with a sweet gift and another riddle, eventually leading her to the 4th floor balcony at the library. Eagerly waiting for the couple at the top were their family members, who peered through the glass windows as Jai got on one knee. Pankti had definitely won her golden snitch!

Two months later, Pankti and Jai celebrated their engagement with a small intimate ceremony surrounded by their extended family members and closest friends. With the help of their siblings, Pankti and Jai DIY-ed their ceremony decor and centerpieces.

Brides Outfit: Seasons Mumbai
Grooms Outfit: Ajay Arvindbhai Khatri
Caterer: Nawab
Engagement Shoot Pictures: Rebecca Burt Photo
Bride Make Up: Kellie Corbett
Proposal Pictures: Will Hawkins Photography

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