The first time Rani Pink met the bride, she was absolutely clear about her aesthetic and what she wanted. A glamorous chic cocktail. And founder Anika Dhawan had to add the Rani Pink twist to the story. So they decided to go the old world route of-course and make the vibe more Art Deco Chic. She loved the idea and Rani Pink started building their story.

The colour had to be bold, the elements had to be visually strong, decadent and old world. The language of design had to be twisted because they needed a strong Rani Pink storyline. And so they decided to build this world from scratch. The idea became to create their own massive maximalist hotel – glamorous, charming, vintage and totally over the top.

Layer by layer Rani Pink started creating the layout almost as if they were transporting you to another era. A Rani Pink Hotel in the 1930s.

The team started with a concierge inspired by Anika’s favourite movie – The Grand Budapest Hotel. They created a ultra luxe mirror gallery which led you into a massive vanity with 14 symmetrical dressing tables. Rani Pink built a 100 pc chandelier gallery with open lounges. They created stunning art deco rooms with bevelled mirror walls and custom animal print wallpapers. The bar was very charming with round edges and twinkling bulbs. Each pillar was built to look like a brick pillar in bevelled mirror. Animal prints, fringes, striking red rose arrangements, bell jars, scented candles, blown glass vases, crystals and lamps – the details were the real star!

The dining room walls had a custom wallpaper with beautiful old world wooden panelling. Layers of long tables with red roses, scented candles and stunning upholstered chairs in a luxe red silk velvet and animal print made the details decadent and glamorous.

5 days and an army working together to make this come true has been the most magical days for Anika Dhawan as a story teller.

Concept & Design : @ranipinklove
Production : @ranipinklove @aakarevents
Styling & Florals : @ranipinklove @anikadhawan
Wedding Planners : @panodramaevents
Catering: @foodinc.yumyumtree @varuntuli

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