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From the Bride ~

The first day I spoke to Alicia from Pure Emotions Photography and told her my idea to shoot a couple scenes in one afternoon from my favorite movie of all time, “The Notebook”, she starting creating story boards and concepts that were beyond my wildest dreams. She created a unique TWO DAY long experience for the engagement shoot of a lifetime. Through a lot of planning, we were able to closely replicate the scenes from the movie that took place between Noah and Allie. Alicia was able to turn Imran and I into characters from the film and helped us every step of the way from finding other authentic outfits to an old vintage car and even a concept for the classic scene where Noah climbs the ferris wheel to see Allie at the carnival. We even found an old abandoned house that happened to have a broken down old piano inside of it! Imagine the luck!

I knew I had to have the quintessential blue dress that Allie wore in the film so I recruited my Aunt Patty with her amazing seamstress abilities and showed her photos detailing the fabric, patterned buttons, color and cuffs on the dress.

Photo: Pure Emotions Photography

Hair & Makeup: Makeup and Hair by Monique

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