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Concept – Stop Motion Animated Film – THE WINNING BET from Film Style Weddings on Vimeo.

I always say, if I wasn’t a filmmaker, I would have been a musician. If that did not work out- then definitely an animator. Producing animated films is a very creative and fun process but also an exhaustive one; in particular, stop-motion films. These are essentially comprised of thousands of photos seamlessly woven to form a motion. One second would comprise of 24 frames, which would equate to 24 photos. To show movement, you use one frame, then move the object and take another shot – continuing the process in that manner. What’s fascinating, is that your objects are coming to life right before your eyes. And so begins our journey…

It was around 7 pm last December 3rd; a damp, rainy night in Victoria B.C. As I relaxed after a long day of production on a personal project that I am still working on called “Leap in Time”, I sat down to continue writing the script for my other project, a 10 minute stop- motion animated short that has a working title of “The Wall”. I remember, it was the little kid in me that pushed me to move forward with this genre of film and the thought suddenly struck me, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Film Style Weddings could do a stop motion animation feature for a couple?”

In that moment, a phone’s ringing pierced my silent marvelling at the idea. I received a phone call from my clients, Kiran and Nitin. They wanted to discuss a concept film for their wedding. The couple immediately conveyed to me that they were interested in doing some sort of animated film for their entrance. My jaw must have hit the floor and I knew right then that this would work, especially because I was entertaining the very idea only moments before.

What transpired from the creative triumph of that evening was an intense 6-month journey of writing, pre-production, and post-production of “The Winning Bet”. It was one of the most challenging projects I have ever worked on but at the same time, I’ve never had so much fun.

Two weeks ago the film was screened at the wedding, and the response was nothing short of rewarding. The director and the child in me, were both very fulfilled.

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Nitin + Kiran – Next/Same Day Edit from Film Style Weddings on Vimeo.

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Cinematography: Filmstylweddings

Photography: Z Molu Photography
Decor: Dream Party Decor
Venues: Glencairn Golf Club and Apollo Convention Center

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