Annandale Golf Club set the stage for Nidah and Chris’s heartfelt exchange of vows. From the bride’s vow: “From the time we met, I knew our souls had met in another lifetime. The Hadith clearly states that our souls were already created and that we had met in a place only Allah knows long before we were born. My goal is to fill your days with happiness for the rest of our lives so when we’re old and gray, we can cuddle and kiss and think about the old days and smile knowing we have a love that makes storybooks jealous.” 

Multi-cultural weddings are always extra special as they’re a true reflection of two becoming one through a blending of families, faiths, customs and traditions. They’re always unique, never cookie-cutter and you can guarantee that everything about the wedding day will include what you know and love about the bride and groom. 

Nidah and Chris’ wedding celebration, which spanned several days, was full of color, dancing, stunning outfits, great food, even better company and the always beaming bride and groom. A combination of a beautiful Indian celebration and a traditional garden ceremony, one theme echoed throughout the weekend: promises of love, protection, dedication and commitment.

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