Nadia and Rahul married each other in an unforgettably beautiful Hindu wedding in Mississauga. It was a perfect day full of exquisite details created and envisioned by N2 & 3 Creations. Nadia looked stunning in both of her wedding day looks. She started the day in a richly vibrant yellow lengha with a custom and personalized matching veil. Later Nadia changed into a gorgeous red bridal lengha with beautiful gold and silver embroidery. Rahul looked royal in a white sherwani with matching pagri, accented with a red and gold dupatta. The venue was transformed into a regal and captivating space with an elegant round mandap and royal elephant statues. After a traditional hindu wedding ceremony, we headed to Kariya Park and finished the day with a bride and groom photoshoot. On the next day, Nadia & Rahul celebrated their newlywed status at their stunningly beautiful wedding reception, hosted by Le Dome Banquet Hall in Oakville. Nadia wow-ed the crowd with her own creative touches to an amazing custom western styled lengha with a trail including the bride and groom’s initials sparkling as she danced the night away. Rahul looked GQ in his Shahrukh Khan – Happy New Year inspired velvet suit; Also customizing the love for his bride as he popped his collar. The reception continued with beautiful entertainment and filled with surprises focusing on the bride and groom. This wedding was a true inspiration and setting the bar high for the ever trending fusion weddings with the perfect elements of Guyanese and Gujarati traditions and festivities!

Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Engagement_02 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Engagement_04 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Engagement_07 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Engagement_08 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Engagement_09 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Engagement_11 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Engagement_12 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Engagement_14 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Engagement_15 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_08 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_09 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_10 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_12 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_13 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_15 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_16 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_18 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_20 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_22 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_23 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_24 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_27 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_29 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_30 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_31 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_32 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_34 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_35 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_37 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_38 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_40 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_43 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_44 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_46 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_48 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Wedding_51 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_01 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_02 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_04 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_05 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_06 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_08 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_09 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_12 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_15 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_16 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_19 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_20 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_22 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_25 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_26 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_27 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_28 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_30 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_32 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_35 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_37 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_40 Qiu_Nadia_Rahul_Reception_41

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