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When you watch this wedding film, you’ll understand why Monica and Christian’s fusion wedding is one of our favorites. It was an interesting medley of French and Indian influences that was entertainingly original and tastefully put together.

The wedding took place at the stately Graydon Manor Hall, with the ceremony held outdoors against an intimate backdrop of private gardens, tall floral arches and crisp greenery. The sun shone down jubilantly on this couple as they pledged their vows in the company of their on-looking friends and loved ones. Our groom Christian had gone above and beyond to make sure everything went exactly as Monica wanted on her special day and one can tell by the immensely satisfied looks on their faces, they both got just that.

Monica scored major bride points as she made quite a statement with her choice in the design of blouses and jewelry she wore. Glamorous from head to toe, she turned heads wherever she went. In addition, her bridesmaids were a perfect complement to her ornate red and white lengha in their dazzling gold sarees. The jewels create a kaleidoscope of color when they are caught in the sunlight- an awesome style tip for outdoor brides looking for bridesmaid wear. The bride and her girls weren’t the only ones to inspire wardrobe ideas however, as Christian and his groomsmen had a few tips of their own to share. As you’ll see in the video, they were full of solutions that afternoon as the men quickly searched YouTube just moments before the ceremony on how to make handkerchiefs. What better than men dressed sharply in suits who are as handsome as they are resourceful? Another point for Monica.

There was no shortage of entertainment that evening, with French and Indian inspired dances, a Gatsby-style performance and a romantic piece by the couple; guests watched on in awe in between visits to the poker table, the bar and the incredible culinary arrangements on site. Amidst all the merry-making, the event was not without its mixed emotions for the bride and groom. Christian had lost his father and Monica her mother, so although it was an occasion to look to the future, it was also a time of reflection for them both. The song used in the video highlights this, and is particularly significant as it discusses the trials and tribulations a couple faces before they reach a unifying stage in their relationship. Hats off to Monica and Christian for an exquisitely poignant evening.

Cinematography: Film Style Weddings

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