Michelle always dreamed of incorporating her Pakistani traditions into her wedding day, but knew she wanted to represent her own identity growing up in the US as well. Her husband, Omeed, felt the same with his Persian culture. Together they thoughtfully planned every detail of their wedding celebrations, choosing which traditions they wanted to embrace from all of their cultures to make the day truly capture their love and their identities. In their new hometown of Middletown, CT, they fell in love with a historic mansion surrounded by towering trees and a vast green lawn. It combined their love of elegance and royalty with nature and greenery. It was the perfect space to bring together their loved ones and throw a grand party fusing cultures and traditions under one roof!

In early May on a gorgeous spring day, the mansion grounds blossomed and bursted with green. Omeed and Michelle arrived separately with their siblings in a 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud – an elegant chariot to bring them to their big day!
Later once guests had arrived, Omeed entered the front grounds of the mansion on horse and carriage for a traditional Baraat, being welcomed by the bride’s family with pomp and circumstance. The ceremony took place behind the mansion grounds in the rose garden, with the evergreens surrounding them as Michelle processed down the aisle with both her parents by her side, something she knew she wanted to have a memory of forever. Michelle and Omeed exchanged personal vows in front of all their loved ones, with not a dry eye in the crowd!

The mansion was adorned with traditional Pakistani decor as well as a Sofreh Aghd designed with the help of Omeed’s mother, a traditional Persian table with unique symbolic items to guide the newlyweds into their journey. Omeed and Michelle had become bird lovers throughout their relationship and incorporated elements of that throughout their wedding – with the table numbers being represented by different birds that grace their backyard.

The reception was full of dancing and merriment – choreographed dances were performed by Michelle and Omeed and their bridal party. Michelle had always helped  choreograph Bollywood style dances for her own family members’ traditional weddings growing up, so she knew she wanted to choreograph her own wedding day dances with her friends and family – and they really pulled through with the performances! Guests danced the night away on the mansion terrace to a fusion of music genres that represented Michelle and Omeed’s cultures and tastes blending as they began their blended lives together!

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