LOVE TERMINAL – Sahar & Bijan Trailer from The Wedding Story on Vimeo.

When two people are fated to meet, it can happen at the most unexpected places, and surprisingly in the most unanticipated ways.

Sahar and Bijan were destined to rub shoulders – quite literally! They were seated next to each other at a mutual friend’s dinner party. A quick acknowledgement turned into a stimulating conversation and at the end of the evening, Sahar was left wanting more, hopeful that she would get to meet the man-with-the-interesting-conversation again.

Unbeknownst to her, the sparks did not just fly from her end. Bijan too was enamored by her charms, which was evident when he eventually decided to ask her out for a date.

However, plans for the next few dates failed to see light as Sahar’s corporate job required her to travel extensively and it became increasingly difficult for both of them to catch up. It almost looked liked this blossoming romance would be nipped in the bud… That is until a considerate Bijan drove up with a creative solution that won Sahar over…

The Wedding Story, USA, presents this simple, yet enchanting story of two souls whose fates were sealed at the LOVE TERMINAL.

Videography: The Wedding Story

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