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Cobalt and Gold Laser-cut

While Indian weddings often tend to be vibrant color-fests. This one called for an elegant, vintage Indian inspired design with a subtler pallate.

The couple needed 3 separate invitation cards, each for a wedding event hosted by different family. Not all 400+ guests were invited to all 3 – so each invitation had to work with 1, 2 or 3 of the invites.

I designed a set of layered, laser-cut cards in 2 different shades of Gold and a striking Cobalt blue. Each card was wrapped with a translucent vellum band with light gold-foiled typography and tucked into a micah-rich blue-grey pocket, custom cut to call to mind palace archways.

In the design process, I tried to image how a guest would experience the invitation. In India, traditionally, invitations are delivered in person, with great fanfare. We all know it’s difficult to do this in today’s fast paced and wide wide world. I somehow wanted the moment the card was received and opened to be unique for everyone. The translucent vellum in combination with the lattice-work cards allowed the shadows and light to fall on the the words when revealed.

Inspirations: My inspiration for each project always stems from my client’s story – I try to listen deeply. Beyond that, I am inspired by the old lattice covered palaces of India, the arabesque and eastern typography, contemporary paper engineering and illustration, nature and light, shadow puppetry & anything that makes one reminisce.

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