In August, I planned a trip to visit Shivanth in Santa Rosa – not expecting anything out of the ordinary. Shivanth mentioned that he had an awards breakfast for work and I should wear something I would want to take pictures in (since he knows me so well!) On Sunday morning, we drove to the idyllic Chateau St. Jean, nestled in the heart of Sonoma Valley.

As we approached the estate, I saw an enchanting castle with vineyards, lush gardens, and ivy covered arches all around. Smelling the scent of vines, grapes, and roses entwined with the morning dew, I marveled at how the scenery complimented the crisp summer morning. As we turned into the parking lot, I noticed there weren’t many cars. Where is everyone I wondered? I followed Shivanth into the Chateau’s secret garden. As I entered, I heard my favorite Atif Aslam song playing (the live acoustic version of Pehli Nazar Mein). Walking in, I saw pink and white rose petals scattered on the walkway – leading to a cozy little couch. Above the couch were roses hanging from two trees with hand written notes on heart-shaped cards. A monogram with our initials was etched on each mint and coral colored heart (my favorite colors). Inside each card was a message about why he loves me. Reading the cards, I was so touched by the elegance and beauty of each detail he had thought of. Then Shivanth went down on one knee….

There were so many emotions and feelings of happiness wrapped in that moment. After the proposal, we called our parents to celebrate! We had the estate to ourselves since Shivanth rented it out for the morning to keep the experience more intimate. Next we went for a reserve wine tasting in the Chateau’s private outdoor lounge and enjoyed the estate’s chardonnay. Ending the best afternoon of my life, we had brunch at Napa’s historic Auberge du Soleil restaurant. We dined on the patio overlooking the gorgeous vineyards and enjoyed sparking wine with our favorite dishes. And that’s our story!

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