Jesse and Aman met at work.  Aman was already working as an engineer for a tech startup when Jesse joined. They worked together on Jesse’s first project and got to know each other during the late night sessions required to run our code during the off-hours. They started dating shortly after the project ended, and the rest is history!

They have very similar personalities and interests, so their relationship is quite easy. They’re both more quiet and introverted, they’re both very logical and analytical, and they both love to travel and try new things together.

Jesse has 2 cats and Aman had never had any pets before. Towards the beginning of their relationship, Jesse went away for a week to visit family and Aman took care of her cats while she was gone. When Jesse got back, he had ordered 3 different brushes and a bunch of toys for the cats and was grooming them. She knew he was a keeper then.

Aman got sky writers to write “Will you marry me? Aman <3 Jesse” in the sky over the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign in Los Angelos while they were visiting on a road trip.

They were so lucky to have such supportive families. They were able to have a small wedding that mixed the Indian and American traditions so that both sides of the family got to experience a little bit of the other culture. They’re family and friends flew in from all over the world to spend the whole weekend celebrating with them. They couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Invitations by Atelier Azure, Photography by Kelly Sauer Photography

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