Our wedding story:
How we met: In 2011 Janki and Kush both decided to attend university of south carolina as freshman. They met the first week of college through mutual friends. During that first year both were busy in different friend groups but often saw each other not thinking anything more would ever become of that. Second year of college the two began to take a lot of classes together. Janki would use being bad at math as an excuse to come to Kush’s lab classes to socialize with him. She would also eat all of the candy supplies provided ruining every experiment.  Kush would pick Science classes that Janki was enrolled in because she always had old notes and books.  Through this the two began to spend time together outside of studying. They would go eat taco bell and get their ears pierced together claiming to be best friends. Their friends constantly teased them on how great they would be together. Eventually they took the plunge to see if they actually had any chemistry and have been inseparable since 2012.
Our proposal:
On their annual anniversary trip, Janki suggested that they visit Denver, Colorado because they had been talking about it. Kush remembered, Janki always wanted snow for her proposal, little did Janki know that he was already planning the proposal for the end of September. Janki is a huge planner with her extensive itineraries for every trip. So Kush had a very hard time convincing her to let him have control of this trip without her getting suspicious. Out of the blue, Janki decided to move the travel dates up an entire month. To make it even more difficult, Janki decided this was the one day she did not want to dress up or get ready for the day trip to Breckenridge. Luck was on Kush’s side again as Janki ended up ruining her clothes and ended up having to change and get ready. Somehow,  Kush convinced her of a last minute stop at Sapphire Point for her mountain proposal. Janki ended up looking perfect right before the special moment. As a final surprise, some of their closest friends and family members were able to join them for the remainder of their special weekend. It was truly a dream come true.

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