Jaan Pehchan Ho – Concept Music Video from Film Style Weddings on Vimeo.

This concept production was a perfect window into the personalities of our couple, Rishi and Jehan. Although they are both busy professionals with schedules that don’t allow for an excess of leisure time, the key to their success is the manner in which they wholeheartedly delve into the tasks before them. Much like the roles they have in reality, these two jumped into their characters with energy, spirit and a rocking sense of fun.

With a vintage flair, the choice of filters in this feature reflected the roaring era of the 60’s, notorious for that famous swiveling of the hips known popularly as the “Twist”. It’s a dance move that lights up the screen in this little number. Of course, no concept film is quite complete without its costume and location changes, props and in this case- even instruments! The couple made sure that the selected song would be enhanced by the use of these, and the result was nothing short of nostalgic.

We can assure you this was one for the books. Indeed, the couple had as much fun making this video as it looked!

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