Flaunt Your Mangalsutra

A Wedding is one of the most beautiful time in one’s life. It’s the beginning of a new relationship and fun endeavors.

There are five signs of marital status of women – mangalsutra, toe rings, kumkum, bangles and a nose ring, But mangalsutra is the most important in some Hindu cultures. Yet we don’t see many women flaunt mangalsutras on a daily basis compared to engagement rings in western cultures.

Many brides complain that mangalsutra designs are “too traditional” and don’t go well with their everyday modern clothing. As much as they would love to wear it, there aren’t any smart designs that reflect their lifestyle and personality.

In professional places like an office, a modern woman prefers not to wear traditional jewelry even though she deeply values the culture. Times are changing and so should the mangalsutra designs.

Here we’ve come up with unique designs that are modern yet are an honest reflection of our culture and tradition. Designs you may see in this styled shoot are exclusively designed by Sampat Jewellers for the modern bride.

sampat_shoot_003 sampat_shoot_005 sampat_shoot_010 sampat_shoot_015 sampat_shoot_020 sampat_shoot_024 sampat_shoot_028 sampat_shoot_037 sampat_shoot_044 sampat_shoot_048 sampat_shoot_050 sampat_shoot_052 sampat_shoot_053 sampat_shoot_056 sampat_shoot_060 sampat_shoot_074 sampat_shoot_076 sampat_shoot_091 sampat_shoot_093 sampat_shoot_097 sampat_shoot_099 sampat_shoot_103 sampat_shoot_112 sampat_shoot_115 sampat_shoot_119 sampat_shoot_129 sampat_shoot_141 sampat_shoot_142 sampat_shoot_150 sampat_shoot_152 sampat_shoot_159 sampat_shoot_169 sampat_shoot_174 sampat_shoot_176 sampat_shoot_177 sampat_shoot_180 sampat_shoot_181 sampat_shoot_182 sampat_shoot_184 sampat_shoot_185 sampat_shoot_186 sampat_shoot_192

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