Hitasha is a lead cake designer and owner of The Cakery Bake Shop and this girl can design cakes like no other. Being a South Asian Videography studio, we get to work with many vendors but it’s an honor when we get to film their own wedding.

During my early discussions with Hitasha and Kunal, I learned three things very quickly: they have a great love story, they love Bollywood and she is going to design her own cake. I knew that if we somehow capture these three things, we will achieve the goal of capturing something which means lot to them.

When it comes to Bollywood, what can be better than lovebirds in the rain? They loved the idea and we decided to go with it. Long story short, it was challenging but fun to capture rain shots without having Bollywood budget.

Since Hitasha is a cake designer she planned to make her own cake. I never knew what it takes to design one until I show her planning and designing it. She held intimate Mehndi event at her house with close families and friends. She planned to do final work on the cake right before putting Mehndi on her hands. It was a perfect opportunity to film her while she is in the action.

Here are few of my fav moments:

0:44: Hitasha singing and explaining how the song is related to their relationship
02:44 – Hitasha working on her wedding cake
03:37 – They eating shadi ka ladoo (all those hindi speaking bride and groom knows the meaning)
04:02 – Rain shots

Thanks for all vendors for doing extraordinary job:

Bhargavi Arrunategui- Makeup Artist
Monita Bijoriya – Mehndi Artist
Sunny Minocha – DJ

We, South Asian Videography Studio, love to create and present wedding films which are unique and story telling. Comment below and let us know what you think.

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