The importance of high production value:

Hindi film inspired wedding films are a new trend and an option for the more discerning brides. The importance of such production needs to be emphasized when brides are planning a multi-day regal affair. It is crucial now more than ever to seek for cinematographers who will not only capture the beauty but also who have a vision to tell a story about the couple’s relationship, love that leads to the most important day of  their life- the wedding. The unique blend of ‘real’ love chemistry and the day of their wedding really makes the story a complete journey for the couple and their families.

The trailor is a short glimpse of the wedding & love story that’s a vision of sufi romance, love and marriage.

Venues: Qawaali Night at Inder Residency, Mehndi at Shiv Niwas Palace, Sangeet at Zenana Mahal, Wedding & Reception at jagmandir palace.

Performances by Daler Mehndi on Sangeet Night and Rodney Group from mumbai at Reception. (He performs for most celebrity events, recently was at Imran Khan’s engagement.)

Other Vendors List:

Co-ordinator: PK Tours
Make-up: Joanna Kreitem, California
Photography: Aziz Khan 
Sound & Lighting: Mega Sound by Sid, Udaipur

The party scene video is a glimpse of their sangeet & reception.
A note from the Studio:
“In 2009 our Chicago-based studio, Memories in Motion, was hired to shoot our second royal wedding at the Jag Mandir Palace in Udaipur, India (you can see our first effort, from 2008, at Of course we jumped at the chance to produce a wedding film in such a great location with a rich culture, well aware of the sort of undertaking that it would turn out to be. Destination weddings always present planning and logistical challenges that you don’t encounter when you shoot close to home. But South Asian royal weddings require planning, preparation, and conceptualization of an entirely different order. Knowing that it was our responsibility to not only capture and document the wedding but also to give a flavor of the actual city, we had to devote extraordinary attention to details, planning, location, mood, sound, elegance, story, script, props, makeup/wardrobe, styling, direction, conceptualizing every frame, editing, and authoring. In essence, the demands of this type of production are much closer to those of a Hollywood feature film than a typical wedding video project. But the fact remains that it can be done, even by a studio that—like so many in this industry—consists essentially of two people, my husband Sid and me—even though the production crews we use often turn out to be much larger.”…
Wedding Cinematography

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