FAÉ, a collection that translates ‘dance in the air’ with confidence and belief. SAND by Shirin’s latest Summer ’23 collection is inspired from the very thought that our souls derive energy from our surroundings, the earth and its cosmos that have the power to move our bodies and minds freely. Forming a connection of  luxury in minimalism is the essence of the collection.


The collection also launches its first ever menswear line – SAND MAN. After 4 months of tests and trials on bit looms and constant workshops with our weavers, the conscious luxury label introduces a new SAND fabric- the Seersucker Cotton. Fabric that has a soft hand feel and crinkled texture that feels beautiful and breathable on the body. The menswear range as well as the women’s range also includes a carefully crafted linen fabric ‘SAND METALLIC LINEN’ created with delicate and scarce metallic threads running through the yarn that gives the linen a soft glow. The collection is lightweight, breathable and unique, with a new play on colours like, Dusk Blue and Clay, an amalgamation of Natural and Oceanic Sand along with Mint and Soft Sea Blue. Building on the idea of the top summer travel destinations around the world, the newly launched SAND MAN collection takes you on an inclusive journey where simplicity meets high quality clothing. With relaxed fits and breathable fabrics across shirts, pants and shorts, the collection is definitely a summer must have in one’s wardrobe.

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The quintessential SAND MAN is a conscious consumer that personifies confidence and captures a fashion forward aesthetic while being responsible with their clothing choices. The collection embodies anti-fits that feel like second skin , showcasing breezy, airy and comfortable silhouettes that fall effortlessly on the skin.

The celebrated womenswear range includes silhouettes and cuts representing ‘FAÉ’, with flowy metallic linen co-ords, textured cotton jumpsuits, overlays and dresses in the above newly launched fabrics showcasing beautiful textures and soft fabric grains that envelop the summer breeze.

SAND captures a comprehensive yet versatile feel while encapsulating their ideals of creating timeless designs that makes the wearer feel confident, comfortable and good about themselves. Artfully curating novel designs and silhouettes for their latest collection, the brand has launched unique , breathable and high quality fabrics with their weavers. Growing and Refining the everyday wear the brand puts forth, the outfits exude a chic and dressy feel. As with every collection, SAND is all about fine detailing and how you can style your SAND outfits in several different ways, multi purposing an outfit to look new every time you choose to style it differently. Welcome the season with an all new SAND wardrobe and add a whole new dimension of style, function and refinement to your look for the season.

On this exciting launch, Founder & Creative Director, NEEDLEDUST & SAND by Shirin, Shirin Mann adds “It has been a dream of mine to introduce a menswear range that aptly embodies the values and ethos of our previous collections. Over months of research and development, we are excited to launch SAND MAN along with our womenswear range as part of FAÉ Summer 2023. We continue to aim to make you feel confident, fierce and beautiful at all times and I’m thrilled to bring this new collection to our patrons.”

FAÉ by SAND BY SHIRIN is now available on www.sandbyshirin.com

Instagram – @sand.byshirin @shirinmann

About SAND :

SAND is an acronym for Such-A-Nice-Day. The name is derived from the feeling of wearing a beautiful piece of clothing that will instantly brighten up your day. SAND is also the colour of the brand, representing beautiful textures, soft fabric grains and it’s cooling nature. A brand that is born out of 21st century values, SAND by Shirin, is a celebration of all things simple, unrestrained and fluid. SAND brings to you tastefully crafted; luxe clothing that conforms to no boundaries and celebrates your unique beauty, shape and size. India’s first fluid fit affordable luxury label, SAND by Shirin is an amalgamation of fluidity, texture, finesse, style and a whole lot of self-love.

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