‘Inara’ means a ‘ray of light,’ it epitomizes the brilliance of light from above, a light that is pure and serene, a light that is ethereal and divine. With an inspiration as seraphic as this, it is no wonder that the collection for the upcoming season is all about gold and silver. In couturier Seema Gujral’s typical style, there is the sheen of exquisite handcrafted embroidery, fluid forms, sleek cuts and ensembles that are created for celebrations. Every piece is a showcase of traditional embroidery techniques, juxtaposed with contemporary patterns like chevron and linear to make outfits that don’t just stand apart, they gleam. ‘Inara’ is a showcase of regal opulence with a splendid colour palette.

The collection’s diverse and varied colour palette offers a versatile canvas, ensuring every celebration finds the perfect ensembles. Statement-making elements such as exaggerated pearl droplets, crystal accents, and exquisite all-over jaals on dupattas all of which define the hallmark of this majestic collection. In addition to an exquisite range of lehengas, this collection introduces a selection of skirts, including fish-cut and straight styles, complemented by dupattas and jackets, catering to the contemporary wedding’s dream trousseau.

Couturier Seema Gujral says “It is not unusual for us couturiers to be fascinated by the brilliance of gold, I wanted to take this fascination and create a collection that is an homage to the essence of life, light. Lights of a wedding, the light of love in a bride’s eyes, the morning light that brings a brand-new day, light in itself is a canvas of inspiration and I harnessed it into gilded embroideries, sequin work, crystals and mirrors. Creating this collection has been a journey of crafting elegance and luxury for the modern day occasions. We’ve embraced lavish gold and timeless ivory to redefine fashion, ensuring every wearer feels like a work of art on every special occasion.”

This collection is now live on SeemaGujral.com and Seema Gujral’s atelier in Noida!

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