With an eclectic use of materials and moods- soft and hard, fluid and structured , matte and gloss, vivid and dark, demure and aggressive that are put together effortlessly in harmony as a collection. The collection has a unique character that is very inexplicable yet inimitably AMIT GT“Fairy Tales”, Amit believes, still exists and remains an external favorite theme, but what has altered is additions and subtractions to the existing gown.


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Channeling the lights of the north, AmitGt brings to you ‘Aurora’, a collection that draws inspiration from the streams of the lights that radiates the mystical allure of the sky


‘ Scintilla’ , which means a tiny spark of light,  has always enticed us. Scintilla is the very first sliver of light at dawn or a star shining in a pitch dark sky or the first spark of light in a total eclipse. This scintilla breaks the darkness both from outside and within and that very scintilla of hope in our heart keeps us alive. Like the millions of scintillaes in fireworks makes us feel elated and exuberated, they do the same in our heart when we celebrate an occasion or when we rejoice, exult or triumph our achievements. Thecollection is an attempt to depict the exultation nature celebrates through brilliant blooms, scintillating constellation, dew drops or snow falls or vivid colors of the sky, these elements are depicted through water lilies and other blooms, birds, constellations or fireworks and dew drops through signature brushstrokes like linear hand embroidery.

Offering a refined aesthetic with a fresh perspective, every piece is imbued with an intriguing sense of confidence based on the guiding principles of enhancing and empowering a woman. With the goal of making women feel strong, confident and desirable, AMIT GT is committed to complimenting a woman’s form and designed to adapt fluidly to the ever-changing demands in her daily life.

Amit’s take on luxury occasion wear has made him the doyenne of decadent dressing. The brand’s directional, modern agenda transports the wearer into a dreamscape of impeccable craftsmanship.

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