Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Photographer: R.A.G.artistry, SAB Top Vendor: Link Here

“We had the pleasure of capturing Neilav + Priya’s ” Fly me to the Moon” type of love just the other day! Here is a sneak peek into the lives of two very sweet people who found each other in a very busy world. As both of them do travel, I found “Fly me to the Moon” to be a perfect title for these love birds!
To catch everyone up to date, Neilav lives in Chicago and Priya resides in Atlanta currently. Neilav + Priya met through a mutual friend that had been wanting to introduce them for a while – she gave Neilav, Priya’s number but he never called. Priya started working in Chicago and their dear friend reminded him to call Priya and eventually they met there after txting back and forth for about 6 months trying to find a time when they were both in town. Priya was traveling to Chicago for work and Neilav was traveling from Chicago to New Jersey for work so in the beginning they met up for random dinners whenever they were both in Chicago. Both Neilav + Priya do Healthcare consulting but for different companies and slightly different things. Because of that they both travel all the time which made it easier for them to meet up on the weekends.
Both Neilav + Priya love to try new restaurants (Neilav is obsessed with famous chefs), travel and explore new cities, cook (although Neilav claims he does most of the cooking), hang out with friends as much as possible since they hardly get to see anyone being on the road all the time, and watch Dexter and Breaking Bad.”

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Photographer:  R.A.G.artistry {Wedding & Engagement Photography}//Makeup Artist: Erica Bogart Makeup Artistry//Hair Stylist: SamJam//
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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